General Rules and Regulations

1. All contestants are required to send in a $45 fee with their submission.
2. All contestants must be between the ages of 18 and 35.
3. Contestants may be single, married, or have children.
4. Contestant must be a natural born female.
5. Contestant must be a legal citizen of the United States.
6. All contestants must have signed verification of 6 hours of volunteer work in the past 3 months.
7. All finalists must have the following: a positive attitude, patriotism, a desire to uphold constitutional values, ability to maintain composure when faced with opposition, charisma, elegance, poise, and a heart for the American people.
8. All contestants are required to compete in all 4 categories, including: a) interview, a timed opportunity to tell us who they are, what they believe in, and how they will bring honor to the title of Miss MAGA (30%) b) swimsuit, this segment will promote body confidence. Being comfortable in the skin you’re in is no small feat and we want to celebrate that (20%) c) debate, the opportunity to communicate her beliefs with maturity, reason, and class by participating in a discussion with others who have opposing views (30%) d) formal wear, contestants will show off their personal style and introduce us to the charities they would like to work with (20%)
9. Under no circumstances should contestants have posed nude and/or appeared nude in a publication, film, or internet.
10. Contestants must attend the photo shoot the day before the pageant, and the rehearsal the day of.
11. Constants must finance their own accommodation and travel expenses.
12. All contestants give The Miss MAGA Pageant consent and permission to record, video, or televise the Pageant.
13. The contestants that are crowned title holders will understand and agree that during their 1 year reign as Miss MAGA, she will be required to obtain written permission before undertaking any endorsements.
14. All contestants acknowledge that the rights from appearances, endorsements, speaking engagements, acting roles, etc. resulting from participating as a title holder shall belong to the Miss MAGA Pageant.
15. All contestants must be of good moral character. They should never have been convicted of a crime or have any criminal charges pending, and should not have been engaged in any activities that are characterized as dishonest, immoral, or indecent.
16. All contestants are required to bring proper attire for each of the competitions of the pageant.
17. It is required that all contestants promote themselves and The Miss MAGA Pageant on social media in a positive, inspirational, and professional manner.
18. Contestants must not provide falsified information or details. If it is established that a contestant has provided false information, then this will lead to the instant dismissal from the pageant and the stripping of her title. The contestant will be required to return all prizes awarded which will be given to the second runner up.
19. All contestants give permission for their name and likeness to be used in conjunction with any publicity having to do with the pageant. The contestant also agrees to be interviewed by the press and associated media.
20. All contestants agree that if you fail to operate or live up to the expectation of The Miss MAGA titleholder, or adhere to the rules and guidelines, that could result in your disqualification as a Titleholder together with the return of all prizes awarded.
21. The Miss MAGA titleholder will be required to make special appearances scheduled and arranged by The Miss MAGA Pageant

Submission instructions:

  1. Upload an entry video to a social media platform with the hashtag #FutureMissMAGA and tag us before submitting your form. Videos should include a brief bio and answers to the following questions: What are the values that make America great? How will you bring honor to the Miss MAGA title? What charity would you most like to work with and why? Videos longer than 3 minutes will not be considered.
  2. All contestants must have signed verification of 6 hours of volunteer work in the past 3 months. Click here to download the volunteer form. You may submit your form without volunteer hours but will not be eligible until a signed form is received.
  3. Click the blue “click here to enter” button to fill out the submission form.

Submissions will remain open for a reasonable amount of time after an official date has been announced.

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